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3×3 Workout for Hypertrophy, Strength, Fitness, and Fat Loss

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Most exercisers have multiple fitness goals. They want to get fit, build muscle, get stronger, and lose fat, usually at the same time. This invariably involves doing several different types of workouts, such as lifting weights one day and doing cardio the next.

While this training approach undoubtedly works, it can be time-consuming. And when time is short, workouts are often the first casualty. We’ve all said, at some point, “I can’t go to the gym today – I’ll catch up on my workout some other time.”

And while some people may make up their missed workout, the majority never do.

Most exercisers can afford to miss the occasional workout and still make progress. But, skip more than a couple, and your progress will begin to stall, and you may even start to backslide and lose some of your hard-won fitness.

So, what if there was a strength, hypertrophy, metcon, and fat loss workout you could do just three times a week that took 30 minutes or less?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

But, before you write this off as hyperbole, take a look at the 3×3 workout.

3×3 kicks off with a compound leg exercise, followed by an upper-body push and an upper-body pull, or vice versa. Between them, these three exercises work most of your major muscles, including your arms and abs. However, these smaller body parts are trained indirectly.

For example:



Bench press

Each exercise is taken to failure, and you do three laps of the exercises without stopping. So, that’s nine non-stop sets or about 20 minutes of work.

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