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$250 Lift Tickets?! Here Are 5 Cheaper Tahoe Activities

The Lake Tahoe region, with its 14 ski resorts and more than 160 ski lifts, is renowned for its downhill skiing. But not everyone is looking to shred all day, every day. Some folks don’t know how to ski. Others have injuries that prohibit them from hitting the slopes. And some love skiing but are turned off by sky-high prices or are keen to avoid the crowds.

The good news is that Tahoe has a number of winter activities to choose from outside of downhill skiing. So if you’ve been lured to the region for a long weekend, here are five reasons to say “yes” to the snow—even if you don’t plan on skiing down it.

Find Tranquility While Snowshoeing

Master Cross-Country Skiing

Have a Blast Snowmobiling

Skate on Thin Ice

See Tahoe From On High

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