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11 Benefits of Squats for Men: Embrace Leg Day

Doing 2 or 3 days of sets of squats a week and nothing else is a legit workout plan. I've always been a fan.

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Squats are arguably the most important foundational movement pattern for strength training exercises. Nearly every total-body or lower-body resistance training workout will include at least some variety or modification of a basic squat. This prominence isn’t arbitrary; rather, there are numerous and significant benefits of squats, meriting their designation as a key strengthening exercise.

1. Squats Strengthen Your Legs

2. Squats Improve Core Strength

3. Squats Increase Your Vertical Jump

4. Squats Improve Your Posture

5. Squats Can Make You a Better Runner

6. Squats Can Improve Bone Density

7. Squats Improve Mobility

8. Squats Burn Calories

9. Squats Can Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

10. Squats Can Be Performed Anywhere

11. Squats Are Versatile

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