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Your Super Bowl Party Needs Tender Miso Steak Bites

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Serving whole steaks to a crowd of football watchers is unwieldy and time consuming, but serving steak bites is easy and clever. Cutting beef into bite-sized bits makes it easier to serve and eat—no need to get cutlery involved, toothpicks will do just fine.

Sirloin is the most popular steak bite cut. It’s not too expensive and fairly lean, with a pronounced beefy flavor that makes it perfect for bite-sized enjoyment. Unlike a ribeye, sirloin doesn’t have much intramuscular fat or connective tissue to break down, and it does best with quick, high-heat cooking. This will help ensure your steak bites are tender, not chewy, though you really don’t have to worry about chewiness if you use a miso-marinade.

There’s magic in miso

I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it once more: Miso is an incredible one-ingredient marinade. Just smear it on, let it work its magic overnight, then wipe it off and cook your meat as usual. Miso tenderizes the meat while imparting a nutty, lightly sweet, slightly funky “aged” flavor, making your meat taste and feel much more luxurious than it is. (In fact, miso tenderizes so well, I made some “fake bites” using chewier and cheaper chuck stew meat cubes, and could barely tell the difference between the chuck bites and the real-deal sirloin bites.)

In addition to tenderizing, miso flavors the meat so thoroughly, there’s no need for any additional seasoning. Just rinse off the paste, give the bites a quick sear in a screaming hot pan, then finish with a little browned butter for a bite that’s so meaty, so savory, and so tender, it just might unseat your wings as the favorite football-watching protein.


tri tip from a grill - not what the recipe makes but a good photo! :)


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