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You Can Grill a Frozen Pizza

If you’re working with charcoal, fill a chimney and get it going by lighting a starter cube or some newspaper underneath. Once the coals are glowing and partially ashed over, dump them on one side of the coal grates and set the grill grate on top. Open the intake vent fully and the bottom vent about halfway, and let the temp rise to at least 375℉.

If you are using a gas grill, set up a two-zone system with the burners set to medium-high to reach that same temperature. Place a pizza on the “indirect” side (the opposite side of the coals), and close the lid.

Let the pizza cook for five minutes, then give it a quarter turn and let it cook for another five. Repeat two more times, then slide the pizza over to the direct side for a minute if you want to crisp up the bottom. (Be careful here, as it can burn, but I like a little char on my pizza.)

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