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Woman who returned Paul McCartney's stolen bass guitar hoping for reward

from NME

The woman who found and returned Paul McCartney’s long-lost bass guitar is now hoping that she may be in store for a reward.

The bass guitar – which has been dubbed the most important bass in history for its role in recording numerous Beatles hits – was stolen from the musician in 1972, only to be returned to him last week.

Cathy Guest found the bass in her attic following the death of her husband Hadyn, who Cathy believes in turn inherited the bass from his brother Graham.

Guest revealed in an interview with The Sun that she slipped a hand-written letter into the guitar case before she returned it, explaining her financial situation as a single parent looking after two school children.

“My husband inherited it when another family member died and he’d had it for years,” she said. “He had no idea where it came from. He was a keen musician and used to play all the guitars at home, including Paul’s bass. We both loved music and I still go to gigs every weekend.”

She did go on to say that McCartney’s team had been in touch promising a reward for its safe return.

“I’ve still got the offer open with them and I’ve taken advice. It’s part of rock ‘n’ roll history and it’s not like they’re a small band,” she said.

from NME

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