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#WinnerWinnerChickenDinner Thanks To A Little Weber Grill and Great Charcoal

Woo hoo! A new grill grate and handle on my little Weber Grills Smokey Joe for some chicken tonight that spent the day in Chaka's MMM Sauce my favorite marinade.

I love cooking on this little grill and I have had it for a very long time!

I like using Thaan Charcoal for high heat grilling. Never heard of it? I know. I don't think you can get it in stores. I buy mine from Amazon.

They say "Long burning, clean and natural. Thaan Charcoal is 100% sustainable, no smoke, reusable charcoal. It burns hours longer than messy lump charcoal or briquettes. Thaan Charcoal is made from fruit wood sawdust, which imparts a mild flavor, letting your grilled food shine. Thaan Charcoal's consistent, hot and even heat is easy to cook with, and is great for any style of charcoal cooking: grills, barbecues, and indirect for that low and slow cook out. It is particularly good where binchotan charcoal is traditionally used such as yakitori or hibatchi grilling. Extinguish Thaan Charcoal by cutting off air, and it can be reused multiple times."

Reviews say it is hard to light. Here is how I do it. It works every time.

The secret to light them is to use a chimney starter. Put 4 new pieces equally spaced inside and put the leftover charcoal around inside to fill up the chimney starter to about the top of the new charcoal.

I don't put anything else under the grate of the chimney starter.

Now put 2 Weber lighter cubes on the little grate inside the bottom of the Smokey Joe and light them.

Place the chimney starter on top of the lighter cubes and wait about 20 minutes.

If you want some smoke flavor add some wood chips or chunks after your hot coals are carefully poured out of the chimney starter and inside your grill.

Get to grillin' :)

When you are done cooking close the vents at the top and bottom and what is left of the Thaan Charcoal will be ready to use next time!

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