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Wineries across Monterey County reopen to customers

Wineries across Monterey County reopen to customers

As California transitions to Stage 3 of the reopening process, wineries across Monterey County are opening their doors to customers, but not without new protocols. Wineries will need to abide by social distancing guidelines, proper sanitization, and both employees and customers will need to wear masks.

“We won’t be serving you if you don’t come in with a mask,” said Natalie Mika, a tasting room associate for Wrath Winery in Soledad. “You can obviously take your mask off when you’re tasting, especially when you’re sitting outside, but it’s mandatory to come in with a mask.”

“Our occupancy is less than it was before,” added Carlee Sichel, a tasting room associate at Wrath Winery. “We’re social distancing, so not as many people at the bar as their use to be.”

The winery said their members have been calling every day to check in on their reopening status. Mika and Sichel said their members were ecstatic to hear their doors are back open. However, the staff said they know the dangers of the virus are still looming.

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