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Who actually makes Costco’s Kirkland beer? On the West Coast Gordon Biersch!


photo by Ewen Roberts flickr

from Who actually makes Costco’s Kirkland beer?

Costco has had enormous success in carving out its grocery… clothing… gas… just-about-everything empire in the United States. One of the secret weapons behind their enormous success has been their signature Kirkland brand. Kirkland products account for a huge percentage of Costco’s sales and cover everything from Kirkland liquor to diapers to their popular protein bars.

Naturally, Costco also sells beer under the Kirkland name, and it’s done so with very mixed results among Costco shoppers and beer drinkers. Perhaps you’ve found yourself sipping on a Costco craft brew and wondered, “Who makes this stuff anyway?” Psst, we have a secret: It’s not Costco.

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