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What You Need To Consider Before Grilling Steak In Cold Weather

I'm in Las Vegas. It does get cold. The other night it was in the high 50's!

In colder temperatures, the thickness of your steak is a critical factor to consider. While thick cuts are often preferred for grilling, they can be tricky to cook through in the cold, as the grill may struggle to maintain the consistent high heat necessary to cook the meat all the way through. So, even though thinner cuts may not be your usual choice, they're a better bet for winter grilling.

Still craving a thick New York strip steak despite the chilly weather? Luckily, there's a solution: You can swap out your grill's standard grate and replace it with cast iron cooking grates. Unlike aluminum or stainless steel grates, cast iron heats up quickly and retains heat exceptionally well. This means you'll be able to get your grill up to temperature (and keep it there) as your steak cooks. Plus, the cast iron grates will give your meat those beautiful sear marks that everyone loves

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