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Vintage Rivendell Bicycle Up Close

Check out some macro photos of my Rivendell Bicycle Works Atlantis with some filters. The bike they make now at the link looks a little different. I think mine is from the early 2000s.

Rivendell says

This has been our flagship frame since we introduced it in 1999. It's an all-'rounder, originally designed for almost anything you'll need or want to do on a bicycle: loaded touring, trails, commutes, and day rides.

I bought the bike used and haven’t replaced much of the drivetrain yet. It all works ok even the Sugino triple crankset and Suntour mech aka derailleur aka derailer (Sheldon Brown spelling). This winter it might get some new goodies.

Since a derailer moves a chain off one gear and on another couldn't it also be called a railer? Hmm...

Yes the brakes are old but the 80s era canti IRD Interlock Racing Design brakes still work fine.

IRD history IRD got started in a garage in Winters California and with Rivendell being in Walnut Creek it makes for a nice Nor Cal match. For whatever that is worth.

Thanks Napa River Velo for the new pads!

Oh by the way...

It is pretty crazy to adjust canti brakes. There are so many things to get right and any change can mess up everything else. Perhaps by luck, random chance after so much fussing, or a miracle, (I should let the Pope know) I found the sweet spot and these brakes are really nice now.

With new pads and after some adjustments I can skid the rear wheel and the levers have a good feel.

Do I like this bike? Yes!

I really like the look of the bike and it was always my goal to get an Atlantis. The ride is great just like the reputation of a well designed steel frame says it should be. I currently have pink Panaracer Gravel King tires. I could do RAGBRAI on this.

The bike rides smooth and comfortable. It is an UNracer. It isn't the fastest bike but that's not the point of this bike or anything from Rivendell.

Useful, comfortable, fun, UNracing bikes

We make bikes for day riders and tourers, commuters and shoppers, trail riders and athletes, get-arounders and recreationalists, family riders and earth-savers.

We don’t make bikes for racers or weekend warriors, and we don’t use carbon, because it’s dangerous. We don’t make uncomfortable, short-lived, road bikes or mechanically overkilled mountain bikes. Our CrMo steel UNracing bikes are sleek, gorgeous, comfortable, efficient, safe, will last longer, and be safer every ride.

Here are some close up photos I did while goofing around with the macro setting on my Olympus TG-4

Here is the bike from a few years ago pre pink tires and a few other things

Here are a bunch of hashtags I used on an Instagram post. I don't know if it helps people find this or not. Whatever... Internet gonna internet...

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