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Video: Take A Peek Inside Honda’s Scooter Factory In Italy

I wish more of these scooters were sold in the USA.

When it comes to manufacturing prowess, few manufacturers have it as dialed down as Honda. The Japanese manufacturer is one of the biggest in the world, and for good reason. For decades, Honda’s been fine-tuning its entire product lifecycle – from product development, to production, to QA and testing. Now, thanks to a YouTube video by automotive channel KondorCars, we get an inside look at Honda’s scooter assembly factory in Atessa, Italy.

Honda Italia first opened its doors in 1971 in Atessa, a city in the province of Chieti, Abruzzo, south-eastern Italy. Back then, it was an integral cog in the machine of Honda’s global operations, starting production in 1976 with models like the CB125 and NS125. These models were manufactured in Italy, then later exported to other European markets starting 1985. These days, Honda Italia handles scooter production catering to the European market. Honda’s scooters have proven to be extremely popular in Europe, with models like the SH and ADV series enjoying strong sales.

Speaking of which, the Honda ADV350 is a popular adventure-style scooter which follows in the footsteps of its bigger sibling, the X-ADV.

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