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Using Spotify's DJ Mode to Play Music at Parties

Every awesome party needs killer tunes, and who better to bring the vibes than you? With Spotify, you can easily create your own party playlists to keep the dancefloor crowded all night long—no professional DJ required. In this article, we'll walk you through how to create the party playlist, adjust Spotify's "DJ Mode" audio settings to your liking, and keep the crowd happy with your selections

  • Spotify's DJ Mode makes it easier to curate music for your playlists and allows you to add effects to your songs and control the playback speed.

  • Sign up for Spotify Premium so your playlist will stream continuously without ads. Then, download the Spotify app to your device.

  • Create a new playlist and add songs that fit the theme of the party. Organize the songs so the energy ramps up slowly.

  • Go into Account Preferences, set Spotify to crossfade songs, and adjust the equalizer to your liking.

  • Hook your device up to the audio system or Bluetooth speaker, launch Spotify, and start the playlist. Adjust or move songs, as needed, to match the party vibe.


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