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Unseen Originals from the Schulz Museum offers a rare look at original Peanuts comic strips

Online exhibition Hidden Treasures: Unseen Originals from the Schulz Museum offers a rare look at original Peanuts comic strips

SANTA ROSA, Calif., February 3, 2021—A new online exhibition from the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center brings Peanuts fans inside the world of Charles M. Schulz—and beyond the walls of the Museum—from the comfort of their home. The Museum’s most in-depth online exhibition to date, Hidden Treasures: Unseen Originals from the Schulz Museum shares more than 65 rarely seen original Peanuts comic strips with new, exclusive audio and visual enhancements designed for online audiences.

The original comic strips featured in Hidden Treasures have been displayed only once during a 2019 exhibition of the same name at the Museum. From Snoopy’s doghouse to the Great Pumpkin, the exhibition explores the foundational themes of Peanuts and offers an intimate look at classic favorites. Audiences are invited to zoom in closely on the original strips to view Schulz’s pen strokes, margin notes, and other fine details that are lost in newspaper and book reproductions.

“The original Peanuts strips presented here have very rarely been exhibited to the public,” said Exhibitions Manager Lauren Figueroa. “This includes some consecutive storylines that until recently, likely had not been seen together since they left Schulz’s drawing board years ago!”

The online presentation is also paired with new, behind-the-scenes commentary from the cartoonist’s widow, Jean Schulz, Curator Benjamin L. Clark, and Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates staff members Alexis Fajardo and Justin Thompson.

“To have the opportunity to listen to such personal insight from Jean Schulz and hear the group discuss the comic strips, themes, and storylines is what makes this online exhibition truly unique,” Figueroa added. “It’s an entirely new experience that we’re excited to be sharing with the Peanuts fans.”

Hidden Treasures also takes a deep dive into the anatomy of a comic strip and provides a close look at nearly a dozen objects from the Museum’s archives and collection, including correspondence, sketches, animation cels, and classic Peanuts products.

Available directly on the Schulz Museum’s website (, access to the online exhibition is free for members, and $10 for up to 30 days for non-members. Those interested can get a sneak peek before purchasing via a sample shared on the website (

Image: Scan of original Peanuts comic strip with a personal dedication written by Charles M. Schulz. This Peanuts comic strip was first published on April 26, 1970. © Peanuts Worldwide LLC; courtesy of the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center, Santa Rosa, California.

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