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This neat iPhone camera trick will let you take pictures using nothing but your voice

If you’ve ever used your iPhone’s camera timer, you’ll know the pain of awkwardly rushing into position before counting down the seconds, attempting to smile at the perfect moment, then being ultimately disappointed by the downright unusable pictures you’re greeted with upon your return to the camera (trust us: we’ve all been there).

But what if I told you there was a way to take pictures with your iPhone using nothing but your voice? Apple’s Voice Control system is primarily intended for users with limited mobility; you can use it to remotely open and close apps, for instance, or remotely long-press menus. But Voice Control can be also customized to work for your own specific needs, and in this day and age, there’s no more important need than the need to capture the perfect picture of yourself (right?).

Incidentally, the trick we’re about to share with you is pretty redundant if you’re a regular Apple Watch wearer, since all Apple Watch models can double as remote camera shutters and self-timers, which allow you to check your framing before snapping the picture. For everyone else, though, read on for a walkthrough on how to take pictures using nothing but your voice.

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