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The rise of the French taco and how it's taking London by storm

It is the latest food trend to take social media by storm, with scores of TikTokers now documenting its rise in British cities.

Not to be confused with the Mexican delicacy, the French taco is a gooey treat that is sending young influencers wild, rushing to pass on their recommendations from outlets in London and Manchester.

'The best way to explain it is it's a mixture between a burger and a Shawarma,' Zack told MailOnline.

One of the most popular items on Moozak's menu, Zack says, is the lamb special which sees saucy minced halal meat combined with crispy chicken, fries, mozzarella, crispy onions, and an oozy homemade cheese sauce all wrapped and grilled in a tortilla.

Despite its name, the snack is vastly different to the traditional Mexican taco.

In fact, it is in the suburbs of Lyon in the early 2000s, according to some theories, when the French taco was first invented.

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