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The Beatles Are Climbing On Billboard’s Rock Charts Yet Again

March 30th 2024

This week, two collections from The Beatles are on the rise on Billboard’s rock charts. Their performance shows just how popular the band still is to this day, but they also demonstrate a somewhat confusing phenomenon: just because a title is on the rise on one ranking, that doesn’t mean it’s actually up when looking at sales or consumption—depending on certain circumstances, that is.

The Beatles’ 1962-1966, a compilation that reflects their hits from the first half of their near-decade together, is on the rise on a pair of rankings published by Billboard. That set improves on the Top Rock & Alternative Albums from No. 20 to No. 18. On the Top Rock Albums list, it gains similarly, rising from No. 16 to No. 14.

That project’s companion, 1967-1970, is also gaining ground on one of those tallies. The set lifts just one space to No. 34 on the Top Rock & Alternative Albums chart in its nineteenth turn on the roster.

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