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The Bay Area’s Hottest Taco Trend Comes Courtesy of LA, Tijuana, and Instagram

“El Garage’s cheesy, red-tinted quesabirria success story”

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On a flat-top grill set up in a driveway in a residential neighborhood in Richmond, California, several rows of corn tortillas were glistening and red-stained, sizzling and crisping up as the taquera scattered shredded mozzarella on top and then, once the cheese had melted and oozed, placed a mound of soupy stewed beef on top of that. A long line had formed on this sunny June morning, everyone waiting for upwards of 45 minutes to snag a plate of tacos. The whole operation was hidden inside a big tent. From the street, all you could see was the line of customers snaking out onto the sidewalk.

Richmond Marina by Ricardo Mendonça Ferreira on Flickr

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