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The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures’ New Restaurant Fanny’s

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Los Angeles would like to thank the Academy for debuting its highly anticipated new motion picture museum on Wilshire Boulevard. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures’ big new ground floor restaurant, Fanny’s, has arrived for its moment of fame.

While the full Fanny’s experience has yet to hit the red carpet, the all-day space is now partially open for cafe basics ranging from espresso drinks and pastries to salads, sandwiches, and natural wine.

Eager museum-goers and local diners can enter the cafe area of the restaurant from the patio that runs alongside Fairfax (or from the lobby of the museum itself) before ordering at the counter and snagging a seat

Dinner, which is set to debut later this fall, will have a much more cinematic flair thanks to a service staff intent on throwing back to the golden age of American dining.

That means tableside service, captains who float through the room in dinner jackets to oversee the experience, and bigger, richer cooking from chef Raphael Francois, who carries a Michelin-level pedigree.

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