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Texas A&M should know - Aggie Brisket Rub

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

WHAT? There is a page full of BBQ info at Texas A&M?!!! Yes

here it is Texas A&M or A&Mmm

"Texas Barbecue at Texas A&M University represents the freshmen class, ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue; the workshops, Barbecue Summer Camp and Camp Brisket; the BBQ Genius Counter; and other educational efforts in the art and science of barbecue. This site is dedicated to providing news and information related to all things barbecue."

Aggies participate in The Woodlands BBQ Festival

This Texas A&M brisket rub recipe will make your next cookout or tailgate a hit!

From the kitchen of Dr. Jeff Savell:

This is a simple brisket rub recipe that provides a great balance of flavors to enhance a smoked brisket. Feel free to use it on other meats as well or adapt it to your particular tastes.

For this recipe,this will make enough rub for four large briskets.

Brisket Rub Recipe


2 cups of canning/pickling salt

1 cup of paprika

1/2 cup of coarse ground pepper

1/4 cup of fine ground pepper

1/2 cup of onion powder

1/2 cup of garlic powder

1/2 cup of cayenne pepper

1/2 cup of brown sugar (packed)

1/2 cup of granulated sugar


Mix the rub and apply it to the briskets at least overnight before the briskets are cooked.


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