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Super Bowl Props: Five Most Interesting Bets Pros Are Making

Rufus Peabody, the founder of Unabated, is a regular at The SuperBook's annual Super Bowl prop bets reveal. And although Peabody's Big Game betting patterns have evolved the past few years, there's one constant:

He and his team only bet on props. That's it. No spread. No moneyline. No total. The props and nothing but the props. At high volume.

"We're gonna have a total of like $2 million wagered on the Super Bowl. Hopefully more," Peabody said.

His strategy shift: Making a lot more of those wagers closer to kickoff, after the public has pounded into submission the Yes and Over on countless props. He and his team will then get the best possible number on No and Under for the props they like.

Total Yardage of All Touchdowns

Longest Rush by Patrick Mahomes

Total Receiving Yards by George Kittle

First Pass by Brock Purdy Complete/Incomplete

Longest Punt by Mitch Wishnowsky

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