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“Staggering”: Mark Knopfler’s Guitar Collection has sold at auction for over $11 million – with a record-breaking ’59 Burst sale and 28 guitars fetching over $100K

The 122 lot sale included the Dire Straits man’s Money for Nothing Les Paul and Walk of Life Schecter, alongside his custom Suhr guitars

Mark Knopfler’s 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard ’Burst went for approx. $876,000

What has left Guitar World truly floored, however, is the average values fetched by the other items in the sale.

Indeed, when Christie’s announced the auction was set to include Knopfler’s Brothers in Arms Les Paul, his custom Suhr/Pensa builds and his iconic Schecter T-style from Walk of Life – we noted that many of the guide prices were “enticingly low” and likely to surpass their estimates. What we didn’t expect was just how right we would be…

Knopfler’s first Les Paul, his 1983 reissue, on which he performed Dire Straits’ iconic Money For Nothing riff carried an estimate of an estimate of $12,500 – $18,000, but went for nearly $749,000 (£592,200) – an astonishing figure for an ’80s LP.

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