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St. Supéry Estate Celebrates 'Everyday Heroes'

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Napa Valley winery pays tribute to community volunteers with an inspirational photo exhibit, virtual tastings and more

This autumn through March 2022, St. Supéry, a Napa Valley community leader with a deep commitment to sustainability, will celebrate unsung everyday heroes who make a difference in communities and neighborhoods across the country. Through the #InJoyEverydayHero project, St. Supéry hopes to inspire people to give back and spread joy.

"During the 2020 wildfires, unasked, our neighbors showed up with bulldozers and shovels to cut firebreaks. We lost 98% of our crop but they halted the fire's progression. We are celebrating these everyday heroes and those around the world who just show up to help," says Emma Swain, CEO of St. Supéry Estate Vineyards and Winery.

Nominate your own hero at and view the inspiring photographs and stories at the winery and online.

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