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Sonoma County airport gets new Southern California flights via startup Avelo Airlines

Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport will be among 11 destinations served by Avelo Airlines, a new commercial carrier with a low-fare business model focused on the western United States. The airline and the airport made the announcement today.

“We are the inaugural flight and destination, so that is very exciting from an airport operations standpoint,” said Airport Manager Jon Stout.

Avelo will become the fourth commercial air carrier servicing the Sonoma County facility, joining Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines, the latter which is expected to resume flights June 3 after pausing in November because of the pandemic.

Burbank-based Avelo Airlines will make its maiden roundtrip flight on April 28, with reservations available starting today.

The airline’s initial nonstop routes also include Arcata/Eureka and Redding; three markets in Oregon (Bend, Eugene and Medford), along with Bozeman, Montana; Grand Junction, Colorado; Pasco, Washington; Ogden, Utah; and Phoenix, Arizona.

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