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Some Texans use 2021 Ford F-150 hybrid pickup trucks to power homes amid winter storm

Some 2021 Ford F-150 hybrid pickup owners in Texas are using it to power their homes during the winter storm that’s left millions without electricity and heat.

And maybe charge their Tesla?

The truck’s PowerBoost onboard generator “gives you the ability to use your truck like a mobile generator,” according to Ford.

Jerry Hall, 73, told CNBC on Thursday that “the truck saved the day.”

The 2021 hybrid’s onboard generator “gives you the ability to use your truck like a mobile generator” that can produce up to 7.2 kW of power, according to Ford.

Jones, 66, said in a phone interview with CNBC on Thursday that he bought the truck in part because of that feature, adding that he often loses power due to hurricanes and other storms. When he lost power Sunday night, he decided to get out a few extension cords and put the generator to the test.

“Without it I would have been in the dark and cold like everybody else in the neighborhood,” the retired refinery worker said, adding that he helped neighbors charge their phones and laptops. “Quite a few of the neighbors said, ‘Hey, I’m getting one,’ like, ‘I’m trading my Dodge or GMC,’ because, South Texas, with hurricanes and things like that, we’re always having power outages."

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