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Solvang Danish Days Event Canceled For Second Year in a Row

The Solvang Danish Days Foundation, planners and organizers of the traditionally-annual “Solvang Danish Days” festivities have officially announced the cancellation of the 2021 event weekend.

California’s premier Danish heritage festival, Solvang Danish Days was previously scheduled for a two-day, in-person event line-up, Sept. 17 and 18.

Solvang Danish Days 2021 would have celebrated the festival’s 85th anniversary.

“The decision to cancel this year’s Danish Days, for the second, unprecedented year in a row, breaks our hearts. The festival weekend is a tradition for so many members of our community, and we look forward to welcoming visitors to our city for this annual cultural event,” said Max Hanberg, Solvang Danish Days 2021 co-chair.

Hanberg continued, “However, with Danish Days scheduled for just over a month from now, and with so many unknowns due to the impending COVID surges, we felt that the safest thing to do for our residents and for our tourists, was to cancel the event.”

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