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‘Silent Walking’ trend has Gen Zers leaving iPhones at home to go for walks

If there’s one thing Gen Z knows how to do, it’s setting trends.

We’ve had “everything showers”, “bed rotting”, even “bare minimum Mondays” – which have been adopted to varying degrees of social media fanfare.

And now the latest Gen Z “movement” taking the youngest generation by storm is, ironically, not that new at all.

They call it “silent walking”, that is: going for a walk without their phones, or without listening to music, podcasts, or any sort of technological distraction.

Podcaster Mady Maio takes credit for “unintentionally starting a movement” that, she promises, will “change your life”.

In a video on Tiktok, she explains her boyfriend was the one who first challenged her to take a walk without any distractions.

“No AirPods, no podcasts, no music. Just me, myself, and I,” she said in the video, which has now gained almost 500,000 views.

“And at first I was like f**k no, my anxiety could never – which is probably what you’re thinking – but something within me was like let me just try it.”

Maio said the first two minutes of her walk were “mayhem”, until she hit a “flow state”, when “suddenly you can … hear yourself.”

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