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Signal jammer found at Morgan Hill residence

Authorities have located and disabled an electronic jamming device that was disrupting public safety communications throughout South Santa Clara County.

On Wednesday, the Morgan Hill Police Department learned about the device from the Santa Clara County 911 Communications Department. It was “disrupting, impeding and interfering with the transmission of communications over the Santa Clara County public safety radio frequency,” the police department said in a news release.

Police said the device was affecting WiFi, satellite and cellular signals, as well as a county radio communications tower. Agencies impacted by the device included the Morgan Hill police and fire departments, the Gilroy police and fire departments, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

“The signal could be lost entirely without any warning or notice,” police said.

The Communications Department used radio frequency testing equipment and determined the device was located at a home at Llagas Road and Christeph Drive in Morgan Hill.

Officers obtained a warrant to search the residence and located two large jamming devices, police said. While inside the home, officers noted that their police radios and cellphones were inoperable. Technicians with the Communications Department immediately disabled the device.

Police did not disclose whether any arrests were made.

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