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San Diego Face Mask Sewing Group - 70,000 Masks!

San Diego Face Mask Sewing Group still going strong after already providing 70,000 masks

Founder Michelle Harvey is modest about what her passion and compassion have accomplished.

Michelle estimates they've provided about 70,000 masks to recipients ranging from health care workers and first responders to service members.

Michelle says, "I felt like I could give them some joy, something in their day to make them feel like out here, we see them, we support them and we care."

The San Diego Face Mask Sewing Group now has more than 1,800 members who sew, drive or supply fabric.

The group itself has entered a new phase prompted by a troubling message Michelle received about some health care workers. She says she found out, "Nurses are not getting breaks, they're not able to sit down and eat a full lunch."

So Michelle put out another call, this time for things to put in goody bags. The gratitude was immediate.

The bags are filled with everything from fruit to lotion and lip balm. Each bag comes with a handwritten note.

San Diego Face Mask Sewing Group on Facebook

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