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Rucking gaining in popularity with hardcore hikers and exercise aficionados

A ruck is a walk or hike with a weighted backpack. I have a Ruck pack from GO RUCK

Ariel Levin is hooked on the new workout. "I've been rucking three times a week for the past two weeks."

"You could ruck on a dog walk, you can ruck in between your kid's baseball games, you can ruck with a friend," is how Bria Ruben described her workout routine.

Ruben is part of Ruck Evolution, a group that offers training sessions while enjoying the outdoors. They strap on backpacks weighted with water and march - or ruck - through some of the most scenic backdrops in Marin County, all while burning more calories than they would on a normal hike.

Rucking originated from military training when troops had to march with bags of equipment strapped to their backs.

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