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Rich Frank’s Frank Family Vineyards Sold for $315 Million to Treasury Americas

They make some good chardonnay! Why would entertainment focused Variety cover the story of a Napa Valley winery being sold to an Australian global winemaking and distribution business? Rich Frank is a former top executive at Disney and Paramount Pictures.

more at the link Variety

Napa Valley’s Frank Family Vineyards has been acquired by Treasury Americas for $315 million.

The winery has been owned and operated for 30 years by Rich Frank, former top executive at Disney and Paramount Pictures who moved into the grape business in the early 1990s. The acquisition covers the Calistoga, Calif.-based winery, brand and vineyard holdings.

The acquisition includes the Frank Family Tasting Room in Calistoga, Calif., the Benjamin Vineyard in Rutherford, the S&J Vineyard in Capell Valley, and a portfolio wines with retail price points ranging from $38 to $225 a bottle. Todd Graff, Frank Family winemaker and general manager, will remain with Frank Family Vineyards after closing.

Frank and his wife, Leslie Frank, will maintain the ownership of Winston Hill Vineyard in Rutherford and the Lewis Vineyard in Napa. Both vineyards will source grapes for the Frank Family reserve tier after the sale. The deal is expected to close next month.

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