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Raymond Vineyards Opens New Entrance from Highway 29 in the Napa Valley

Guests now arrive to the winery on a nearly one-and-a-half mile route through the winery’s Rutherford estate. No mere entryway, the opening of the road to Raymond reflects an ambitious endeavor in the Napa Valley to unite two distinct estates, create a dramatic entrance that brings its guests through an experiential voyage among organic and Biodynamic vineyards, while reducing traffic on the valley’s main thoroughfares.

The winery has deemed its entrance The Avenue of the Senses, a name created through a crowd-sourced social media campaign that garnered nearly one thousand entries.

“Raymond Vineyard’s Avenue of the Senses is the culmination of a grand journey to unite Raymond’s Rutherford estate, the Ticen Ranch property and Highway 29. It has been the dream, not only for us, but also for the Raymond family before us,” says Proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset, “Uniting these two estates and leading our guests through the heart of the Napa Valley presents an incredible opportunity to bring our guests among the vineyards and into the magical environment essential to Napa’s unique sense of place – the vineyard treasures that create world-class wines.”

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