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Radio: Be The Job Connection

Idea for #radio especially small local focused #radiostations

When things in your community open there will be a lot of people needing jobs and business needing to hire.

graphic credit per these terms:

Connect them on air with free mentions, on social, on the web, everywhere your station is.

Do more than you have ever done to make a difference in your community because that is what you should do and that is what listeners want you to do.

Work your ass off to make a difference.

Have fresh job listings as an on air feature and don't charge for it.

Have people from the businesses record audio (phone call) for you explaining their openings. Set up a hotline for them to call in and leave a message.

Same for people looking for work explaining what they do.

It is a massive need about to come your way and a great way to make a difference.

Create a job message board online. It will take a lot of work from your web, social, production, promotion, engineering, and on air people but do it. Extend it with job fairs or remotes at business locations that are hiring. Promote these like your summer concert with airtime promos.

Run follow up promos with audio of people that got a job or hired someone just like you would with with on air winners. Be creative with it. Involve the morning show. Involve everyone. Key point: don't charge for it. All the elements can have sponsors but keep the content free. Work hard to make it great and it will pay off.

The smaller the market you are in the bigger difference you can make. I suggested this when I was at KVYN Napa (on a smaller scale) but it didn't happen as the station was sold just as it could have been started.

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