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Public Radio Wine

Does this #wine come with a tote bag?

It probably pairs well with people talking and the Ken Burns effect.

As a radio guy and wine lover I have to try it!

It is from the Grounded Wine Company and the wine maker is Josh Phelps son of winemaker Joseph Phelps famous for his Insignia wine.

This is 65% Grenache, 27% Syrah, 9% Petite Sirah

Referencing the radio as a medium of popular expression, we bring you the fourth wine in the Grounded Wine Co. family. Founded on an enthusiasm for terroir, GWCo. believes in growth by evolution and revolution, as proven in this 2016 red blend from Paso Robles. Public Radio is a firm but smooth wine which expresses a bold message. The quality and personality lies in its self-awareness; sensitive to the zeitgeist while acknowledging its role as part of an ongoing story. The label serves only as a visual gesture with stylistic ubiquity persuading you to open the bottle without imparting a particular opinion, instead allowing you the freedom to manifest your own ideas, regardless of frontiers.

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