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Playoff Predictions 1 15 & 16 2022

I am happy for the Las Vegas Raiders and their fans for making the playoffs and same thing for Santa Clara. As a Bay Area native I am a fan of both teams (yes still the Raiders) and yes I think that is ok. No reason to pick one team even back in the day. They rarely played each other when they were Oakland and San Francisco so why not root for both?

You have my permission to root for any team or combination of teams you like.


I don't think either team will make it past this weekend.

I think the Raiders will be pretty outplayed by the Bengals who will win 35 - 17

I think the 49ers game will be closer but the Cowboys win 24 - 13

I am often wrong on my picks so both teams will probably win! :)

full disclosure - I had Raiders season tickets for many years starting with their return to Oakland. My dad and I had a great time!

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