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Photographer’s 3,200 Undeveloped Film Rolls Hold History of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Much of Daniels’s work was shot at the famous Boston Tea Party, a concert venue in Boston, Massachusetts, that hosted famous bands like the Grateful Dead, Chicago, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Allman Brothers Band, Joe Cocker, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Sly and the Family Stone, and more.

Daniels’s massive collection of undeveloped film was hidden away from the world for decades, but a push to process the unseen historical photos has gained momentum over the past couple of years thanks to social media.

“It’s kind of a COVID story,” explains the Master Blaster. “Our local arts council, the Somerville Arts Council, offered a series of small seed grants to help artists back in 2020. We used the money to develop about 100 rolls at a local Boston Lab, Colortek, which I have been using for years.

“I’m not on social media at all, but my partner [the artist Susan Berstler who founded Nave Art Gallery] started posting a few images that turned up on Facebook. I should probably admit that I didn’t always label the canisters after I shot a roll.

“She was mostly posting the music images — I think we found some Frank Zappa, J Geils, and Faces on tour in that first batch. The response to those pics convinced us that we were sitting on something special.

“When we realized how much truly old and difficult to develop film we had, Susan started looking for a lab that specialized in that and we found Film Rescue.”

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