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Paul McCartney hands six-figure reward to the family that found his iconic Höfner bass in their attic

Paul McCartney’s “favorite bass guitar” was returned to him over 50 years after its theft, with the Beatle offering a substantial thank-you fee as a reward for its return.

An English mother of two has been given a six-figure reward as a thank-you for reuniting Paul McCartney with his favorite Höfner bass guitar.

Cathy Guest found McCartney's Höfner 500/1 bass guitar, worth an estimated £10m (approx $12.6m) in her attic earlier this year.

Her late husband had become one of a line of people to have owned the instrument since its theft in 1972.

Paul McCartney’s estate and Guest have since agreed on the undisclosed reward fee, with Guest saying that her lifestyle “won’t be changing” as a result.

“They have now agreed a deal and the family have been given a very significant thank-you fee,” The Sun reports. “Sir Paul has also expressed his gratitude to Cathy and the family.”

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