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Palm Springs International Airport reports June air travel record

Palm Springs International Airport recorded its highest passenger travel numbers for June last month, besting the previous record set two years ago, officials said today.

The airport reported 129,872 passengers flew in June, which is a 23% increase from the previous record of 105,350 set in June 2019.

“We’re not just seeing a return to pre-pandemic numbers and consistent month-over-month gains in our passenger traffic; we’ve set a new passenger record,” said Ulises Aguirre, the airport’s executive director of aviation. “Additionally, the number of available flights and seats are exceeding what we saw in the summer of 2019. We originally forecasted a return to pre-pandemic numbers sometime in early 2023, but Palm Springs has already reached that and did so sooner than anticipated.”

Officials at the city-owned airport said that the addition of several new service routes have contributed to a rebound in air travel, and that the trend is expected to continue in the fall when more airlines and service routes will begin serving Palm Springs.

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