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New surfing company launches in Sonoma

Founded by longtime local surfer Dave Eilert, a new Sonoma company launched last week provides expert surfing instruction ranging from a 90-minute introductory lesson to broader all-day packages.

A Sonoma native, Eilert graduated from Sonoma Valley High in 1989. After 25 years in the medical industry, he decided to follow his true passion “to help others discover the positive benefits of surfing for the mind, body and soul,” he said.

Wisewater Surf lessons include safety instruction, paddling technique and surfing etiquette. Eilert offers solo lessons, group lessons and team building sessions for all ages. Prices include the boards, wet suits, towels and all the equipment, and transportation is available.

The company goes beyond the waves to offer optional add-on experiences like post-beach craft brew and cider tastings, gourmet beach picnics from Delicious Dish and transportation with local touring companies.

The surfing spots chosen vary, based on weather, waves and the experience of the surfer. Some locations include Bolinas, Doran, Stinson, Pacifica and Ocean beaches.

Eilert’s team includes full-time instructors Graham Scheiblich and John Thompson, and part-time instructor Chapman College freshman Ruby Eilert.

With four decades experience on the water, Eilert feels strongly that surfing and time in the ocean not only improves physical fitness but also clears the mind and acts as an emotional stabilizer.

Down the road, Eilert hopes to include special offerings for people with autism, veterans suffering from PTSD and inner-city youth.

“Nothing else like this is offered nearby,” said Eilert. “And it has been a lifelong dream of mine to share my love of surfing with others.”

Prices start at $175 for a 90-minute lesson.

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