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New Malibu to Palm Springs Travel Experience

Luxury Travel Magazine

Stay One Degree, a community which allows luxury travelers to experience the finest vacation homes around the world directly from like-minded homeowners, has launched a brand-new Coast to Desert: Relax & Rejuvenate California Style experience.

Guests who book the relaxing retreat will stay four nights in a four-bedroom / four-bathroom stunning home in Malibu offering private beach access, rooms with jaw-dropping views of the Pacific Ocean, large floor-to-ceiling glass windows bringing the light in, a hot tub with stunning ocean and sunset views and more.

After four nights, guests will take a limousine to their private helicopter to go from Santa Monica to Palm Springs for the desert part of the getaway where they will stay three nights in a vibrant architectural masterpiece home. Guests will experience ultimate relaxation with spa treatments from a dedicated therapist, a personalized dinner with private chef service, and a beautiful pool with two infinity edges.

The Coast to Desert: Relax & Rejuvenate California Style experience starts at $41,000

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