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Nation's first paper wine bottles being made in South Monterey County

Two Central Coast companies are blending to create a first for the wine industry.

Innovation is the name of the game inside this "custom crush" facility in King City where they brew and bottle wine and spirits.

Bonny Doon Vineyard out of Santa Cruz County has proven to be a pioneer of innovative wine packaging and puns. They were the first to use screw caps, one of the first brands to do ingredient labeling on the label, and now the first in the country to use paper wine bottles.

The company claims the Cabon-Nay packaging has a six times lower carbon footprint than an average glass bottle.

"The cardboard is completely, 100% recycled material, comes in in a flat sheet. That sheet gets put into the Frugalpac technology machine. It molds the machine around the inner liner of the bag. In one side is a flat piece of cardboard, and out the other side is a beautiful 750 bottle," Valladarez said.

It's not just the bottle that's sustainable — the shipping process also sees an impact.

"It's significantly lighter. A full case of wine can weigh 40-50 pounds. This paper bottle weighs about 24 pounds in a full case, so it's very light. That weight is what really contributes to the low carbon footprint,"

The bottles sell for $16.99. They are available in Whole Foods Markets nationwide beginning May 1.

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