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Hear My New Aston Microphone

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I'm really happy with the sound from my new Element mic from British company Aston Microphones.

I dialed in the sound with the EQ and compression on my Symetrix 528e voice processor. I used this copy because of all the S and P sounds aka sibilance and plosives.

The mic has just little proximity effect that boosts the low end so for my use I rolled that off just a little on the EQ. It might be fine for other users. It isn't there if you back off the mic a bit. I tend to be up close on mics.

I use RealTraps panels on my desk to create a good sound space to record in a big open room.

Here is what it sounds like. No I don't have that movie trailer voice over deep booming sound - I'm just a regular guy 🙂

This mic has a cool backstory. They developed it over 18 months of R&D and 3 months of 4000 people (including more than 600 top producers, engineers and artists from around the globe) involved in public listening tests vs some of the biggest names in the microphone world, including Blue, Rode, AKG, Audio Technica, and Neumann, until it compared with or beat them in blind testing.

It is a side address cardioid microphone, it needs phantom power. The bundle comes with a nice shock mount and pop filter.

It isn't USB so you need an interface to get sound to your computer.

they say:

"Element is the world’s quietest mic, with the widest frequency response, and combines the best of dynamic, condenser and ribbon mic technology."

For all you sound - microphone - audio geeks here are the settings I am using on the 528e

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