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'Most disturbing website' ever has the ability to find every photo of you that exists

The site in question is PimEyes, which uses AI to identify any other pictures of you that are online.

Some have been left calling it 'the most disturbing AI website on the internet'.

But how does it work? As with most AI tools, it's pretty simple.

It's meant to analyse the photo you've provided and bring together every picture of you that is on the internet.

It's been labelled a 'stalker's dream' by some users, while others have been more complimentary.

But when a LADbible colleague of ours tried out the site, they said: "It's perhaps better at finding your doppelgängers than it is at tracking down every picture of you on the internet, but it is incredibly fast.

"The first two were pictures of me, though the remaining six were images of other people who shared some similar facial features, mostly the eyebrows and the beard."

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