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Monte Rio restaurant draws complaint after skeletons confused for bar patrons

Two skeletons at Northwood Restaurant in Monte Rio recently caused some trouble after someone mistook them for real people and reported the restaurant to Sonoma County for COVID-19 violations.

The plastic skeletons first appeared at the restaurant as Halloween decorations in October before co-owner Chrissy Cronquist and her staff decided to keep them year-round, Cronquist said. But someone confused two of the skeletons stationed at the bar for real people. They reported the restaurant to Sonoma County, who sent a code enforcement investigator on March 4 to look into the complaint.

Cronquist said the man introduced himself as an investigator and explained they received a complaint that the restaurant was defying coronavirus restrictions and allowing patrons to sit at the bar. He added that they could face a $1,000 fine for the violation.

Cronquist thought he was joking.

“At first, I was kind of angry,” she said. “There’s nobody sitting at the bar. And then I looked over (at the skeletons) and said, ‘You meant these people?’ I went, ‘Oh my lord.’ And then I realized he’s talking about these skeletons.”

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