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Meet Murdock, the Marvelous Blind Cat

Murdock the Marvelous is an orange tabby like no other. The one-time stray kitten with a mountain of medical issues is now a superhero, a bona fide celebrity cat with hundreds of thousands of fans. Most importantly, he’s a beloved family pet.

Despite his popularity, the laid-back cat from Santa Rosa takes it all in stride. He’s as happy sitting on a sunny windowsill at home as he is posing for selfies with adoring cat lovers who line up to meet him at cat shows and charity events.

When he was brought to the Humane Society of Sonoma County as a tiny kitten, scraggly and with eyes that had ruptured from a chronic infection, no one knew if Murdock would survive.

“He was a sick little guy,” said Anna Hill, a registered veterinary technician who helped treat Murdock when he arrived at the Santa Rosa shelter. “He had a hard start at life. Life can be hard, but it gets better.”

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