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Martha Stewart - why you should put ice in your wine

“I have not really been a big fan of the oaky, overly buttery Chardonnays that exist. I thought Chardonnay in America needed a little bit of a redesign.” She told PEOPLE of her search for the ideal Chardonnay. She said she wanted to redefine Chardonnay in America to create a “very palatable white wine that would sell like crazy”.

When it comes to putting ice cubes in her wine, Martha Stewart appears to be something of an advocate.

Having never been a big drinker, she told PEOPLE that ice helps her moderate her consumption.

“I will put ice in my wine,” Stewart explains. “I extend the glass quite a bit by the addition of ice cubes.”

“Nobody minds it anymore, even fine winemakers,” She said. “I met the man who makes the best Sauterne, and he encouraged me to add ice to it!”

Martha’s Chard is launching in California before a nation-wide release from 1 February. It carries a suggested retail price of US$12.

Martha Stewart also acknowledged the role that her friend Snoop Dogg played in getting her on board with the 19 Crimes brand. The pair have formed a friendship over the years and even co-host the TV show Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party together.

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