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Lobster and Melon Summer Rolls Nước chấm sauce

Ooh these were so good!

After a few days off #DangerMenCooking International Week continues with a take on Vietnamese rolls

Lobster and Melon Summer Rolls

Nước chấm sauce

Caprese salad

Twomey Cellars Russian River Valley pinot noir

Lots of prep for cooking some things and chopping other things means it isn't a quick meal :) I'd suggest making these after you have lunch, then put them in the fridge until dinner. You can probably make them a day in advance.

If you have never used the rice papers for making rolls it can be tricky. They go from too stiff to use to very difficult to work with if you let them get too wet.

The tip to briefly get them wet them work with them and make the rolls on a damp kitchen towel is a good one. After a few times you get the feel for how wet it needs to be before you assemble the rolls.

#1 tip - Don't over stuff the rolls!

The ratio of diced melon (I used cantaloupe) to lobster was more than the recipe calls for since the price of lobster tails is insane. I used a little over a pound (about $40 from lobster tails) instead of 2 pounds.

I used Old Bay Seasoning to cook the lobster.

The recipe comes from a favorite cookbook by Chef Dominic Orsini at Silver Oak Cellars.

The cookbook has a lot of recipes and a lot of variety. It is organized by seasons so this is in the Summer section. There is a good index at the back to find things by ingredients.

It is a big beautiful cookbook with interesting recipes from bbq ribs to tomato sauce, pizza and focaccia, vegetables, sauces and sides and a lot more.

It does have some good stories and beautiful photos but I love that the recipes are very well explained and so far I've had pretty good success making what I have tried.

It is Regular Guy friendly.

some of the recipes are here

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