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LIST: California ranked in bottom 10 of charitable states

KTLA says - California is known for a lot of things, but according to a new study, philanthropy is not one of them.

While several individuals, companies and organizations in California have a strong mission to give back, a study conducted by WalletHub revealed that Californians were less likely to roll up their sleeves and volunteer or make monetary donations compared to residents in other states.

Overall, the United States ranked as the third most charitable country in the world in 2022, which, according to the World Giving Index, marked a significant improvement compared to its 19th-place ranking the year prior.

At the top of the list were:

1. Utah

2. Wyoming

3. Minnesota

The study ranked the least charitable states as:

40. Hawaii

41. California

42. Alabama

43. South Carolina

44. West Virginia

45. Louisiana

46. Nevada

47. Rhode Island

48. Mississippi

49. New Mexico

50. Arizona

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