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Legendary Kiss rocker Gene Simmons moves to Lake Tahoe

The New York Post recently reported that Gene Simmons, 71, the founding member of Kiss, has relocated from Beverly Hills and now lives in a 12,000-square-foot mansion that sits on 4 acres in Incline Village.

Simmons told The Post he is done with Southern California and that he and his wife, model and actress Shannon Tweed, is tired of big city living.

“We are moving out of LA for a number of reasons: one of which are the tour buses,” Simmons told The Post. “After a certain point, we have had enough of that, even though we appreciate the attention. I’m done. There are earthquakes, fires and pandemics every year. Even though there is nice sunshine, I’m done.”

Simmons cited better quality of life at Tahoe among the factors for moving and “going hiking without bumping into people.” He also mentioned that taxes are much more appealing in Nevada.

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