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Larger-than-life Performance Actor George Webber Retires from Role as Count of Buena Vista

For a decade, George Webber came to work to Buena Vista Winery as “Count” Agoston Haraszthy, the Hungarian immigrant who pursued his dream of making great wine in America and founded the Sonoma winery in 1857.

Beginning this week however, Webber will spend more time in cargo shorts. At 67, Webber is retiring from his 40-hour-a-week job as the Count of Buena Vista, top hat, vests, cane and all, to slow down a tad.

As the brand ambassador for Buena Vista, Webber - a.k.a. The Count of Buena Vista - crisscrossed the country to represent the winery at tastings, winemaker dinners and special events. He’s led virtual wine tastings during the pandemic and managed the winery’s social media presence. Webber has also portrayed other historical characters, depending on the special event.

“It’s been a great ride,” said Webber on Saturday, dressed in full Count regalia, as he greeted guests at the winery before leading a lecture, “How Count Haraszthy & Charles Krug Created Wine Country.” Buena Vista’s History Day also featured a fast-paced, multi-act play in the courtyard with Webber portraying the Count of Buena Vista and K-8th grade teacher Carlo Ligotti as Charles Krug.

Buena Vista owner Jean-Charles Boisset recruited Webber in 2011, shortly after acquiring the historic winery. The ‘interview” was off the Sonoma Plaza, where Webber, a former child actor and stock trader, led walking tours portraying various historical characters.

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